Colorize aims at being a small, independent and handy command-line
text colorizing tool.  It emits ANSI escape sequences in order to
color lines of text; also, sequences emitted by colorize or foreign
programs may be cleared.

The main code is written in C (c89 mostly), whereas the test script
consists of Perl code.

Colorize is known to build and test successfully on Linux and
Net/Open/MirBSD.  Other platforms are untested, so be prepared for
it to eventually not work as expected there.

valgrind (optional)

Build instructions
Issue `make' to build colorize.

Once completed, run the tests with `make check'.

Then you should most likely have a working binary.

Next, install it with `make install' (may require elevated
user permissions).

Finally, clean up the working directory through `make clean'.

Customizing instructions
The default character ('/') which separates the foreground
from the background color may be redefined:

`make FLAGS=-DCOLOR_SEP_CHAR_COLON' -> defines as ':'
`make FLAGS=-DCOLOR_SEP_CHAR_SLASH' -> defines as '/'

Debugging instructions
For the sake of completeness, colorize can be also built with
debugging output by issuing `make FLAGS=-DDEBUG'.  The intention
is to provide some memory allocation diagnostics (and might be
extended in future).  Usually, a debugging build is not required.

Furthermore, tests can be run through valgrind by issuing, for
example, `make check_valgrind 2>&1 | tee valgrind.out'.  The
file provided here for the `tee' invocation will be populated
with the captured output from both standard output and error

Configuration File
A user configuration file may be populated with options and
according values.  See man page source file `colorize.1' for

See man page source file: colorize.1.

Usage example
In ~/.bashrc:

| ls_color() {
|     ls "$@" | colorize green -
| }
| alias ls=ls_color

This excerpt defines an alias which will set the color being
printed for literal ls invocations to green.

Let me know, if you have ideas, bug reports, patches, etc.

Steven Schubiger <stsc@refcnt.org>