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First draft of documentation
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+=head1 NAME
+distdns - Distribute hostnames between clients
+=head1 SYNOPSIS
+ ./ [options]
+The distdns scripts originated as an alternative to established dynamic DNS services.
+It features basically two scripts: client-side F<> and server-side F<server.cgi>.
+The client sends (once configured) personal network/computer/user name data to the server
+which stores it as JSON if access is granted and data is complete.
+When F<> is invoked (preferably by a scheduler, for example: cronjob), it also
+receives hostnames with according IP addresses which are written to a matching network
+marker within the hosts file. This allows then to use these hostnames to connect to
+=head1 OPTIONS
+ -d, --debug server debugging
+ -h, --help this help screen
+ -i, --init initialize session data
+=over 4
+=item * C<-d, --debug>
+Enable "server debugging" in order to communicate fatal errors back to the client script.
+=item * C<-h, --help>
+Show usage screen.
+=item * C<-i, --init>
+Initialize session data prior to using client/server script regularly.
+=head1 AUTHORS
+Michel Ketterle, Steven Schubiger